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David Anderson


Illustrator: David Anderson

Title: Gilbert and the Whale

Unpublished 2021

Medium: Pencil, watercolour and candle wax

Illustrator: David Anderson

Title: Dogs

Unpublished 2021

Medium: Pencil and digital

David Anderson is a freelance illustrator and children’s author. His latest project has been to launch his children’s book of short stories Whispers from the African Bush on Amazon. It was published under its original title of Whispers from the Bushveld in South Africa a few years ago where it is recommended reading in the school system. David now lives in Toronto and continues to illustrate and write for kids. He loves the outdoors and spends hours photographing birds and other forms of elusive wildlife.

720 Bathurst St., Suite 412, Toronto, ON M5S 2R4

Phone: 1-416-515-1559

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