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Holly Main


Illustrator: Holly Main
Title: All That Lay Undiscovered Before Us... (Space Lemur)
Publisher: Unpublished 2022
Medium: Pen and ink coloured digital
Website: www.hollymain.com 

Illustrator: Holly Main
Title: We're Late... (Space Walrus and the White Rabbit)
Publisher: Unpublished 2022
Medium: Pen and ink coloured digital
Website: www.hollymain.com 

Holly Main is an illustrator, cartoonist and writer. She loves creating lighthearted drawings with playful characters, and writing stories they can be a part of.  Each artwork is hand-drawn, using pen and ink, and coloured digitally.  Holly is an aspiring author-illustrator of children’s books and is active in the kidlit community as a Friend and past board member of CANSCAIP.  Holly has a fine arts degree from the University of Ottawa and lives in Toronto, Canada.

For more info, visit  www.hollymain.com or connect with Holly on Instagram: @hollymain02 , Twitter: @hollymain02 and Facebook: @HollyMainIllustrations  

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