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L Boyd Prevost


Illustrator: L Boyd Prevost and Venantius J Pinto

Title: Jamaica Humming: the God Bird

World Indigenous Teaching & Learning 

Year: 2017

Medium: Acrylics and Japanese inks

Illustrator: L Boyd Prevost and Venantius J Pinto
Title: Punta Dancing: Women Volcanoes Threads
World Indigenous Teaching & Learning
Year: 2021 Medium: Japanese inks, acrylics and gouache

L Boyd Prevost was born in Kairi territory in hurricane season, learning from her grandparents how Natural Order as Law records rainfall and drought across millennia of climate change. After an assault led to progressive blindness, that principle taught Boyd nature’s “touch-and-texture” methods from rupestrian engravings combined with her verbal colour memory over 5 years, speaking art. Boyd is grateful Goan American philosopher artist V J Pinto was impressed by her word art articulated “paint-by-description” visions of palimpsests of ancestral memory as presence”, which she hopes to teach to others like herself. He became her artist interpreter these past 7 years.  

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