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Mary Beth MacLean


Illustrator: Mary Beth MacLean
Book Title: Wishing Well
Author: Terrance Wm. Glover
Publisher: Self-published 2021
Medium: Mixed Media
Website: https://dpistudio.ca/work 

Illustrator: Mary Beth MacLean
Title: Hugs
Year: 2022
Medium: Mixed Media
Website: https://dpistudio.ca/work 

Mary Beth MacLean is a freelance designer and illustrator with years of experience in the publishing industry.  She has had a variety of creative roles working with both editorial and marketing to create layouts and visuals for books, advertising, and social media. She enjoys experimenting with different approaches, often using photography to begin the process then moving to pencil sketches, drawing, and redrawing and eventually moving to a digital format to complete the process. As a graphic designer she also enjoys working with text, designing the images to work with the copy to create a complete package.  

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