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Oleg Lipchenko

Illustrator, Teacher


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Oleg Lipchenko, artist and illustrator. Oleg works on oil-paintings and graphic art. His style can be described as symbolic, surrealistic, and plastically sophisticated, with the emphasis on the expressiveness. He had a number of exhibitions, both solo and group shows. His illustrator’s experience includes children books, book covers and scientific illustrations. His first children's book Katja, Kotja und die kunstliche Sonne was published in 1993 by Esslinger Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany. Oleg studied art and architecture in Art School and in the University in Poltava, Ukraine. After Oleg graduated from the University he worked as an architect for several years, and as a teacher of drawing, painting and composition in the Art school. Oleg moved with his family to Canada in 1999, he studied digital design in Digital Media Studios. He worked for IBM as a multimedia designer, and for Nelvana animation as a background painter.

Oleg works in traditional mediums of oil on canvas, watercolor, pencil, ink, and print graphics as xylography, linoprint and l’eauforte, but also uses digital mediums of Photoshop and Illustrator (for technical purposes mostly, like scanning, color adjustment etc.) In 2009 Oleg Lipchenko won Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award from IBBY for his illustrations to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Tundra Books, 2009). His Humpty Dumpty and Friends (Tundra Books, 2009) was nominated on the 2010 Book of the Year Awards by ForeWord Reviews. Recently Oleg is working on illustrations to the Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll, Freudoscope by Oleg Lipchenko, and some other projects.He lives in Toronto, Canada with his family and enjoys the Ontarian way of living.
Available For
Talk about book illustration along with the visual presentation
Masterclass in drawing
'The Hunting of the Snark'
Tundra Books, Toronto, 2012

'Humpty Dumpty and Friends'
Tundra Books, Toronto, 2010

'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'
Tundra Books, Toronto, 2009

'Katja, Kotja and the Artificial Sun'
J.F.Schreiber Verlag, Austria, 1994
2009 Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award
Category: Illustration
For: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
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