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Sharon Plumb grew up in a small town that no longer exists, and now she writes stories about places that exist only in her imagination. She enjoys studying plants and insects up close and meeting people from different places. When she isn’t writing, she likes playing the piano and singing, hiking and biking, planting new things in her garden, and creating recipes. She writes stories, songs and plays from her home in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Available For
School and library readings
Workshop: How to Design your Dragon
(or other non-human characters)
Workshop: Hey! You're That Guy Who... (designing interesting characters)
School Visits
Readings for:
Bill Bruin Shovels His Roof (early elementary)
The Mystery of the Giant Kohlrabi (middle grades)
Dragon Planet: Kraamlok (middle years)
Young Adult Fiction:

Dragon Planet: Kraamlok
Draco's Child

Children's Fiction:
The Mystery of the Giant Kohlrabi
Bill Bruin Shovels his Roof
Ted Hammond (illustrator)
Other Memberships
Saskatchewan Writers' Guild
Saskatchewan Children's Writers' Round Robin

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