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Sharon Plumb's picture book Bill Bruin Shovels his Roof was published by Scholastic Education as part of their Literacy Place for the Early Years series. The story is set in northern British Columbia, where she grew up with bears and ravens and lots and lots of snow. Her young adult fantasy novel Draco's Child was published by Thistledown Press. It is set on a planet that orbits a star in the constellation Draco, a place she has never been, but feels like she has.

Sharon lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, where she is working on another fantasy novel. She also writes children's plays and is the president of the Saskatchewan chapter of CANSCAIP.
Available For
School and library readings
Workshop: How to Design your Dragon
(or other non-human characters)
Workshop: Hey! You're That Guy Who... (designing living characters)
Young Adult Fiction:

Draco's Child
Thistledown Press
Children's Fiction:

Bill Bruin Shovels his Roof
Scholastic Canada
Ted Hammond (illustrator)
Other Memberships
Saskatchewan Writers' Guild
Saskatchewan Children's Writers' Round Robin

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