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Thursday, November 13, 2014 3:58 PM | Lena Coakley

It was a dark and dreary Wednesday night, but many CANSCAIPers came out yesterday to attend our November Toronto meeting.  Werner Zimmerman, Sylvia McNicoll, Sharon Jennings, Nicole Winters and Jocelyn Shipley were just a few of the authors and illustrators in attendance.  Werner Zimmerman even brought some of his illustration students to their very first CANSCAIP meeting.

CANSCAIP President, Bill Swan, opened the meeting with congratulations to all the members who were winners at the TD Children’s Book Awards Gala last week. 

The big winner was Kathy Stinson, who, with illustrator Dušan Petričić, won the TD Children’s Literature Award for their picture book The Man With the Violin.

Karen Bass, a longtime member from Alberta, won the Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People for her book Graffiti Knight.

Rona Arato, a frequent attendee of our Toronto meetings (though not present at this meeting) won the Norma Fleck Award for Canadian Children's Non-Fiction for her book The Last Train, A Holocaust Story.

Ted Staunton, teacher of George Brown College’s popular Writing for Children courses (many of his students were in the audience) took home the John Spray Mystery Award for Who I’m Not.

Finally, the Monica Hughes Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy was won by Erin Bow, a favourite speaker at this year’s Packaging Your Imagination conference.


New Bylaws

All full members should have already received an email regarding a special meeting to be held on December 10th at 6PM, in Toronto, before our regular meeting.  There we will be voting on some necessary changes to our bylaws.  New regulations require that all members of an organization must vote.  Therefore, a notable change will be that Friend Members will now be able to vote.  A Friend of CANSCAIP will also represent Friend Members on the board of directors.

Because we’re holding the meeting under the old bylaws, only members will vote in December, but Friends will be welcome at the meeting.

If you are a full member and have not received an email with a copy of the proposed bylaws, please contact the office.


CANSCAIP has a beautiful curated art show at INSPIRE, this year’s Toronto International Book Fair, being held this weekend.  It features illustrations by Werner Zimmermann, Sue Todd, Holly Main, Brenda Clark, Michael Marchenko, Barbara Reid and many more.  Please drop by our booth to say hello.


Both Sharon Jennings and Sylvia McNicoll announced their courses in writing for children at Ryerson (Sharon) and Burlington’s Living Arts Centre (Sylvia)--worth every penny.

Peter Carver, editor at Red Deer Press, wrote to invite us all to Jean Little’s book launch for Do Not Open Until Christmas on Saturday, December 13th at the Lillian H. Smith Library in Toronto from 2-4. All are welcome.


Heather Anne Hunter took the podium to announce her self-published book, Ravi’s Revenge, a finalist for the INSPIRE award, given out Sunday at TIBF.

Jeff Pinkney was delighted to show us his very first novel, Soapstone Signs, an illustrated chapter book in the Orca Echoes series that won the Writers Union Children’s Writing Contest (now run by CANSCAIP) in 2007. Jeff studied at Trent with CANSCAIP member, Joanne Findon, who he thanked in the acknowledgements. 

Bill Swan was also sporting that new-book glow.  He showed off Real Justice: Jailed for Life for Being Black.  The book is about Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter.  Bill said it was “A story of friendship and triumph in the face of almost insurmountable odds.”

Finally, Nadia Hohn placed an article in Canadian Children’s Book News and will have two books out in January!

PROGRAM: All About a©eCreator

Sylvia McNicoll, a director at Access Copyright, introduced Garner Pridmore, Digital Services Specialist at Access Copyright.

Garner came to the meeting to tell us an exciting new perk to being an Access Copyright affiliate.

a©eCreator is a cloud-based service developed to help authors, illustrators and other creators during and after the content creation process by providing an easy way to send, track, monitor, locate, and backup all our work. And the best part: a©eCreator is a complimentary service and one of the many benefits to being an Access Copyright affiliate.

a©eCreator offers:

      Access to files anytime, anywhere using only a browser.

      Secure file backup on multiple servers.

      Auto generated record of where, how, and when files were sent.

      Unlimited data storage.

      Ability to share large files with others (e.g. publisher, literary agents).

Garner suggested that authors could use this service to keep track of large projects like novels, including multiple drafts and versions, contracts, and other documents related to publication and submission history.  With multiple servers in and outside of Toronto, it is the only backup necessary. 

Sylvia McNicoll has been using a©eCreator as a beta tester and recommended it highly.  She particularly liked seeing when a publisher downloaded and viewed her submissions, and felt that this record could protect her should any copyright violation ever take place.  She also liked that she could download any version of her work from anywhere, using only a browser.

Interested?  If you are already an affiliate, all you have to do is to contact Garner at for a username and password.

If you are a published author or illustrator and are not an affiliate of Access Copyright, you should be!  Affiliates are eligible to receive the annual Payback payment. What’s that, you ask?  Each year, all eligible affiliates receive a share of the Payback payment depending on how much they contributed to the repertoire of works licensed by Access Copyright.

More information about signing up to be an Access Copyright Affiliate can be found here.


Q: We’ve heard that this service can be used to send large documents to our editors.  What about tracking changes?  Will that be possible?

A: Not yet, but we’re hearing that authors want this.  It’s the next big change to the system that we will be working on.

Q: What about privacy?

A: The system is completely private.  “Even I don’t even have access to Sylvia’s files,” Garner told us.  “No one else has access to your files.”  Also, none of their backup servers are outside Canada, so no need to worry about NSA snooping.

Q: When are our cheques coming?

A: With only a slight roll of the eyes, Garner told us that he did not work on the Payback payment side of things.  BUT he couldn’t help noticing that there was a lot of envelope stuffing going on at the Access Copyright office.  It won’t be long!

On that happy note, we all broke for coffee.  Join us on December 10th for our next Toronto meeting.