Take the Kid’s Lit Quiz with Nancy Davidson

Monday, March 16, 2015 3:52 PM | Lena Coakley

President Bill Swan opened the meeting by congratulating those nominated for the CLA Young Adult Book Award, The CLA Book of the Year Award for Children, and Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Award! Have a look at these fabulous lists, which include many CANSCAIPers.


The CCBC has increased fees for book week, and CANSCAIP has played a role in this decision. The standard Canada Council rate is $250, and we supported raising fees to this amount. Past president of CANSCAIP, Sharon Jennings, also on the board of the CCBC, brought up this issue and collected letters of support from many CANSCAIP authors and illustrators and many professional organizations including our own. All visits will now be $250 per session.

Cathy Rondina will again be teaching her Creating Non-fiction for Children course in Toronto, beginning April 6th. More info here.

Sean Cassidy took the podium to tell us about Access Copyright and the changing landscape of copyright protection.

Canadian content is an important part of teaching in our country. In the past publishers and creators have been compensated when teachers use our materials in the classroom.  Now, some are saying this material should be free under an interpretation of the “fair dealing” clause of new copyright legislation. This is disheartening to creators whose work is important enough to share in the classroom. We can educate ourselves by checking out the Access Copyright website to learn the following:

What is educational “fair dealing”?

The Value of Access Copyright’s Repertoire

Not registered with Access Copyright? You should be! Learn more here:

Registering with Access Copyright


Six years ago Sharon Jennings published Home Free, which was nominated for a Governor General’s Literary award. Though Second Story always wanted a sequel, she didn’t know what the story was. Now she’s found it.

In Connecting Dots (Second Story Press) we find out the true story of Cassandra Jovanovich, (a secondary character in Home Free.)

Sharon’s dedication says, “With gratitude to CANSCAIP,” and she told us at the meeting that she doesn’t know where she’d be without the friends she has made here.


Helena Aalto has announced the date for the upcoming Packaging Your Imagination conference! PYI will be Saturday, November 14th at Humber College, Lakeshore Campus! Pitch Perfect, one-on-one sessions will take place on the same day.


We were joined by Nancy Davidson, who is the dynamo behind Kid’s Lit Quiz in Canada. The quiz was started in 1991 in New Zealand by Wayne Mills, a teacher who was tired of the hype around children’s sporting events. He wanted to celebrate kids who read in the same way. For two decades, Kids’ Lit Quiz has been inspiring youth to become lifelong readers by channeling knowledge of children’s books into a fun and challenging tournament.

Today, the competition continues to thrive despite distractions like video games, cell phones and computers. In fact, participation rates have continued to rise amongst girls and boys in recent years.

In the style of popular learning competitions like the Scripps Spelling Bee, Kids’ Lit Quiz is a highly spirited and intense team event for students around the world. Now over 1000 schools participate.

Nancy has seen the enthusiasm for reading grow as schools take on the program.  Kids don’t know categories of the quiz in advance, so they must read widely and depend on their team members. A lot of kids who love to read find it hard to work as a team and communicate with their team members. Kid’s Lit Quiz helps them develop an important life skill.

How well would you do? (Answers at the very end of this post.)

  • 1)            Who killed Cock Robin
  • 2)            What was the wimpy kid’s name?
  • 3)            Whose life is cursed until he meets Hector Zeroni?
  • 4)            Whose best friends are Grover and Annabeth?
  • 5)            Who has friends called Linus, Peppermint Patty and Snoopy?
  • 6)            How many players in a Quidditch team?
  • 7)            Who was late for an important date?
  • 8)            How was the bully, Steve Kosgrov, in I Funny by James Patterson related to Jamie Grimm?
  • 9)            What type of creature was a Psammead?
  • 10)                  Characters from which book literally jump out of the pages?

Some of these questions Nancy asked at the meeting, some were taken from the Kid’s Lit Quiz website. Test your knowledge further with more practice questions.

Each year each country generates its national champion.  The finals are held in a host country. This year, the finals will be in Connecticut, USA. In 2016 they will be in Aukland, NZ and in 2017, they will be in Canada, the city to be announced.

Kid’s Lit Quiz is a life-changing opportunity for many kids. Thanks so much to Nancy for all her hard work.

(CANSCAIP President Bill Swan and Admin. Director Helena Aalto)


  • 1)            Sparrow with a bow and arrow
  • 2)            Greg
  • 3)            Stanley Yelnats
  • 4)            Percy Jackson
  • 5)            Charlie Brown
  • 6)            Seven
  • 7)            The White Rabbit
  • 8)            Step brother
  • 9)            Sand fairy
  • 10)        Inkheart