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Writing for Children Competition

Winners and finalists for 2019 Writing for Children Competition

October 31, 2019:  CANSCAIP is pleased to announce the winners and finalists of the 2019 Writing for Children Competition. Each of the winners receives $500. These entries will be sent to children's publishers Annick Press, Kids Can Press and Scholastic Canada for their consideration and evaluation. 

PICTURE BOOK                 

  • WINNER    Tina Hahn  - Too Small?                           
  • FINALIST    Jane Blondie - The Tail of Hickory Dickory
  • FINALIST    Chang Hong - A Day With Dad                              


  • WINNER    Joan Dombrady - The Four (Famous) Little Pigs
  • FINALIST    Kathy Rondeau - Fearless Friend
  • FINALIST    Suzanne Socken - The Whole World is a Story


  • WINNER    VJ Hamilton - Missing Red Herring
  • FINALIST    Joan Dombrady - Gingerhaven


  • WINNER    Lily Quan - The One and Only Rosie Chen
  • FINALIST    Nancy Kay Clark - Adam's Problem
  • FINALIST    Jennifer Irwin - Death by Instagram


  • WINNER    Victoria Jones - Caleb's Crossing
  • FINALIST    Joan Dombrady - InterCHANGE
  • FINALIST    Aaron Rabinowitz - Junior Slump

CANSCAIP announces longlist for 2019 Writing for Children Competition

August 30, 2019: CANSCAIP (Canadian Society of Children’s Authors, Illustrators and Performers) is pleased to announce the longlist for the 22nd annual Writing for Children Competition.

More than 500 entries were received. All the entries were evaluated by first-round readers who selected which entries would proceed to second-round readers. The second-round readers selected the entries that will now proceed to the juries: the longlist. From the longlist of entries, the juries will select finalists and winners, to be announced in October.

CANSCAIP congratulates all the writers whose entries were selected for the longlist:


  • Jen Bailey - Keeping Track of my Backpack
  • Caroline Bennett - Carrie’s New Room
  • Shari Biro - Shine Bright
  • Jane Blondie - The Tail of Hickory Dickory
  • Jennifer Clarke - When the Aliens Come
  • Jerry Collins - Lester, the Leaf That Would Not Leave
  • Jillian Dobson - Blanket of Stars
  • Beth Elliott - Bringing Home Buster
  • Jamie Farquhar - Dad! Don't Shave Your Beard!
  • Hilde Festerling - Crow Ride
  • Brandy Ford - Remember Me
  • Natalia Grayfer - Where Was My Sister Born?
  • Tina Hahn - Too Small?
  • Russell Hirsch - Goldierockets
  • Elisabeth Hogeveen - A Magnificent Mother's Day Menu
  • Chang Hong - A Day with Dad
  • Raffaelina Ianieri - Rain AGAIN?
  • Robin Larin - Morris the Thesaurus
  • Michelle Martinez - Mongoose Wants a Job
  • Diana Murrell - Joshua’s First Library Book
  • Lizabeth Pirstl - Mommy's Patience
  • Erin Silver - The Shiva
  • Sue Todd - Freewheeling Annie + On the Street
  • Natalie Webber - Tippy Canoe


  • Jen Bailey - Bud and the Raspberries
  • Carmela Bruno - The Littlest Gosling of Grenadier Pond
  • Terri Chu - J Squad: Aquarium Adventure
  • Joan Dombrady - The Four (Famous) Little Pigs
  • Chang Hong - Beaver and Mouse on a Quest
  • Renee Lehnen - Penelope's Magic Summer Muffins
  • Rowena Mascarenhas - Cora's Carpet
  • Marcia McDonald - Scrappy Pappy's Miracle Tonic for Common Childhood Complaints
  • Shari Mowat - Grandma Pig Big and Bold
  • Vera Patterson - Daniel's Worst Birthday Ever
  • Sheila Robinson - The Rock Giant
  • Kathy Rondeau - Fearless Friend
  • Suzanne Socken - The Whole World is a Story
  • D.M. Wagner - Silly Sela
  • Carmen Wittmeier - Our House is Shifty


  • Joan Dombrady - Gingerhaven
  • VJ Hamilton - Missing Red Herring
  • Leesa Hanna - The BIG Adventures of Little O. A song for the salmon.
  • Donna Houghton - How Angus Found Christmas
  • Julie Kavanagh - Just What I Need
  • Carmen Wittmeier -  Berzerk


  • Nancy Kay Clark - Adam's Problem
  • Joan Dombrady - What Lies Beneath
  • Jennifer Irwin - Death by Instagram
  • Esta Lemon - The Loser Blog
  • Stacey Moffat - Prissy & Icky
  • Lily Quan - The One and Only Rosie Chen
  • Megan  Strachan - Being Brave
  • Bonnie  Tulloch - Living After Midnight
  • Rhonda Verbicky - Dancing Doll
  • C. L. Walinga - Early Days
  • Laura Watson - Queen Mab
  • Sally Wylie - Ari and the Intergalactic Dragon


  • Joan Dombrady - InterCHANGE
  • Victoria Jones - Caleb's Crossing
  • Aaron Rabinowitz - Junior Slump
  • Ann Severn (Benedek) - My Name Is Thea
  • Sarah Van Goethem - Keeper of the Corpse Flowers + The Forgotten Life of Ada Mae Baker
  • Karon Young - Daughters of Glaslyn


  • MARCH: Competition opens
  • MAY 31: Deadline for submissions
  • JUNE: First-round readers evaluate all entries 
  • JULY: Second-round readers evaluate selected entries and choose longlist 
  • AUGUST: Announcement of longlist 
  • SEPTEMBER: Juries evaluate longlist and select winners and finalists
  • OCTOBER: Announcement of winners and finalists  
  • NOVEMBER: Reader evaluation feedback sent to all entrants 
  • DECEMBER: Entries of finalists and winners sent to publishers
  • FEBRUARY or MARCH 2020: Publishers evaluation feedback sent to finalists and winners

Reader feedback for each entry is a unique element of CANSCAIP’s Writing for Children Competition. All the writers receive feedback by the readers who evaluated their entries.

The 2019 Competition readers and juries are CANSCAIP Members:   Paulette Bourgeois, Lana Button, Charlene Chua, Kathy Clark, Lena Coakley, Kathryn Ellis, Sarah Ellis, Loretta Garbutt, Celia Godkin, Theo Heras, Michelle Kadarusman, Jessica Scott Kerrin, Miriam Korner, Carol MacKay, Maureen McGowan, Jennifer McGrath, Janet McNaughton, Ishta Mercurio, Anita Mieuttunen, Jennifer Mook-Sang, Mahtab Narsimhan, Colleen Nelson, Deb Patz, Karen J. Rankin, Gillian Richardson, Raquel Rivera, Jocelyn Shipley, Rebecca Upjohn, Vikki Van Sickle, Susan White, Tim Wynne-Jones, Diane Young.

The Writers' Union of Canada initiated the Writing for Children Competition in 1996, and in 2014 CANSCAIP took on this initiative as a partnership with TWUC. A goal of the Competition is to discover, encourage, and promote not-yet-published writers of children's literature across Canada.

CANSCAIP was founded in 1977. We’re a national membership-based, volunteer-run organization, offering opportunities for professional development with our community of Canadian authors and illustrators of children's books, and children’s performers.

CANSCAIP office is located within the Centre for Social Innovation, Annex.
720 Bathurst St., Suite 503, Toronto, ON M5S 2R4

Email: office@canscaip.org
Phone: 1-416-515-1559

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