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Books by Marty Chan

Book Cover: Haunted Hospital


Author: Marty Chan
Publisher and Year: 2021

Synopsis: Jennifer has the ability to move objects with her mind but she can't reveal it to anyone. When she inadvertently exposes her powers, Jennifer runs afoul of an evil scientist who wants to use her for lab experiments.

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Book Cover: Haunted Hospital

Haunted Hospital

Author: Marty Chan
Publisher and Year: 2020

Synopsis: Four teenagers sneak into an abandoned hospital to look for ghosts. What they find instead is far more terrifying.

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About Marty Chan

Marty Chan writes books for kids, plays for adults and tweets for fun. In theatre he’s best known for his classic thriller, The Bone House, which had audiences from Edinburgh to Toronto screaming for their lives. His Orca Book, Haunted Hospital, was a Junior Library Guild’s gold standard selection and has gone into second printing. Marty works and lives in Edmonton.

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