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Member Application

CANSCAIP Members (Professional Member) are those whose writing, illustrations or performances for children have been professionally/traditionally published or produced. All Member applications are subject to approval. For information about being a Member, click here.

Writers or illustrators of self-published, print-on-demand, or other books not published by a recognized trade or educational publisher are welcome to join CANSCAIP as a Friend. CANSCAIP declines to individually assess self-published work, recognizing that becoming published by a recognized publisher is a reasonably objective benchmark of professional editorial quality.

Member Qualifications

Qualifications for CANSCAIP Member include ONE of the following:

  • writing or illustration of one or more books for children published by a recognized trade or educational publisher
  • writing or illustration of five or more short stories, articles, poems or songs for children published commercially
  • illustration of four covers of novels or other books for children
  • writing of one or more plays, operettas, musicals or other theatrical vehicles for children published or produced commercially, or similar writing of film for children
  • professional performers who are paid for performances for children

Applying to Become a Member

To apply to become a Member, complete the form below and email it office@canscaip.org with "New Member Application" in the subject line.

Prefer mail? Print and complete the Membership Application Form, and send with a cheque for $85 to the CANSCAIP office at 720 Bathurst Street Suite 503, Toronto Ontario M5S 2R4.

Member Application Form

CANSCAIP office is located within the Centre for Social Innovation, Annex.
720 Bathurst St., Suite 503, Toronto, ON M5S 2R4

Email: office@canscaip.org
Phone: 1-416-515-1559

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