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Submission Guidelines

Eligible Writers

  • Canadian citizens or permanent residents over the age of 18.
  • Unpublished or self-published writers, with no traditionally published books for any age, and not currently under contract with a traditional publisher.
  • Writers are eligible if prior publication is limited to articles or other content in collections or anthologies, textbooks, magazines or newspapers, legal or academic publications, etc.
  • NOTE: Writers retain full copyright of their entries. 

    Eligible Entries

    • Up to 1,500 words in English, fiction or nonfiction
    • Text only; no illustrations
    • Word or PDF entry document; we cannot accept links to file sharing sites.
    • 11 or 12-point plain font (e.g., Times Roman or Arial—no fancy fonts!) double-spaced with 1-inch margins
    • Select one category for your entry: Picture Book (PB), Middle Grade (MG), Young Adult (YA); if you aren’t sure, see Book Categories for information
    • For PB: Submit complete text or up to 1,500 words. No illustrations, but you can include brief illustrator notes about essential visual elements that are not indicated in the text
    • For MG and YA: Submit complete first chapter or up to 1,500 words; if first chapter shorter than 1,500 words, submit additional chapters/excerpts up to 1,500 words in total
    • Previously submitted entries can be resubmitted 

    NEW: The identities of the writers will not be provided to the Competition's readers.  To ensure anonymity DO NOT include your name or any identifying information on your entry document

      How to Set Up Your Entry

      • Do not include your name or other identifying information anywhere in your entry document.
      • PICTURE BOOK (PB): Submit complete text up to 1,500 words. No illustrations, but you can include brief illustrator notes about essential visual elements not indicated in the text; illustrator notes not counted in 1,500 word limit.
      • MIDDLE GRADE (MG) and YOUNG ADULT (YA): Submit first chapter up to 1,500 words; if less than 1,500 words, you can submit additional chapters/excerpts up to 1,500 words in total.
      • On the first page of every entry, include the title of the entry and the category (PB Picture Book, MG Middle Grade, YA Young Adult).
      • On the first page of MG or YA entries, include a summary (less than 250 words) with key characters, plot points and ending to provide Competition readers with context for your story. Also include note about where the entry text fits in your story (e.g., first chapter and eighth chapter). The summary and note are not counted in 1,500 word limit.
      • Name your file with the category (PB, MG, YA) and the title (example: PB – The Little Bunny).  Do not include your name in the file name. 
      • Save your file as a PDF or Word document.
      • If submitting more than one entry, create a separate file for each one.

        Entry Submission Form & Uploading Your Entry

        • Please register first. After you've registered, you'll get a confirmation email with a link to the online entry submission form.
        • You may complete the online entry submission form any time after registration up to the May 31 deadline.
        • On the entry submission form, you will provide your name, mailing address, and email. This identifying information will not be provided to the Competition readers.
        • Complete the entry submission form, and then upload your Word or PDF entry document. 
        • If you've registered for multiple entries, you'll complete a separate entry submission form and upload each entry separately. If all your entries aren't ready, you can complete additional submission forms at a later date.
        • After you submit your entry submission form, you'll see a confirmation screen that indicates when your entry has been successfully uploaded.  If you don't see this screen, try submitting your entry form again, or contact

        PLEASE NOTE: With over 600 entries received, CANSCAIP cannot email each writer to confirm receipt of an entry.  However, after the May 31st deadline, we cross-reference the registrations with the entries received, and if an entry is missing we will contact the writer. 

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