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Writing for Children Competition

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Longlist, Shortlist, Finalists and Winners

Longlist 2021 

Longlist for CANSCAIP’s 2021 Writing for Children Competition

Shortlist to be announced in September, finalists and winners in October

August 26, 2021: CANSCAIP congratulates the writers of the entries on the longlist of our 2021 Writing for Children Competition. More than 600 entries were received. The Writers' Union of Canada initiated the Writing for Children Competition in 1996, and CANSCAIP took it in 2014. The goal of the Competition is to discover, encourage, and promote emerging writers of children's literature.

Feedback for every entry is a unique and valuable benefit for the writers entering the Competition—all the entries get evaluation comments from at least one round of reading. CANSCAIP Members volunteer as first-round readers or second-round readers, and evaluate entries in the categories of their published books—for example, picture book authors evaluate the picture book entries. The feedback of the readers will be sent to all the writers in November.

As a group, the Competition's first-round readers evaluated all the entries and selected those that proceeded to the second round. The second-round readers evaluated those entries and selected the longlist. This year, another round of evaluation has been added to produce a shortlist: a group of readers will be evaluating the longlist and selecting the entries for the shortlist, which will be announced in September. The entries on the shortlist will then proceed to the juries, and the finalists and winners will be announced in October.

CANSCAIP is very grateful to the Members who volunteered as the 2021 readers; many have also volunteered in previous years: Lana Button, Kathy Clark, Lena Coakley, Lisa Dalrymple, Kathryn Ellis, Heather Gale, Loretta Garbutt, Linda Granfield, Theo Heras, Alison Lohans, Carol L. MacKay, Patsy MacKinnon, Ishta Mercurio, Mireille Messier, Jean Mills, Jennifer Mook-Sang, Monica Nawrocki, Colleen Nelson, Heather O’Connor, Deb Patz, Karen J. Rankin, Aimee Reid, Gillian Richardson, Raquel Rivera, Judy Ann Sadler, Jocelyn Shipley, Margaret Springer, and Susan White. We are grateful also to Member Jean Pendziwol for volunteering to manage and organize the 600+ entries and allocate them to the readers and juries.

Sandra Appleby - Never Judge a Wolf by His Brother        

Hassina Benchabane - The Cricket Game

Lynda Benjamin - The Girl with the Rainbow Boots           

Leah Block - Runaway Rabbit      

Jane Blondie - No Bath for Charlie!          

Jenna Campbell - The Secret Ingredients

Laura Clipsham - The Best Place Ever: Where Can it Be? 

Mike Cope - Stitch and Bewitch 

Laurie Crookell - Dragon Learns to Read + Dragon Wants to Read              

Jillian Dobson - Ishbel's Letters

Jillian Dobson - Molly the Artist 

Jillian Dobson - The Microphone               

Thereza Dos Santos - Mr. Penguin            

Dana DuPerron - Garden Baby   

Jacki England - Evergreen Evermore       

Fiona Forster - Silence   

Kim Gogo-Melvin - Why Am I a Spider Monkey  

Neil and Ann Gray - Big Blue       

Tessa Greyling - A Tree Called Leaf           

Christine Henderson - Christmas on the Waves  

Linda Jonasson - The Hockey Stick            

Grace Kennedy - The Little Brown Bat     

Alice Klopstra - Twenty-Nine Wishbones

Courtney Lakevold - Call Me Bison           

S. Robin Larin - Gilbert the Exceptional Goat        

Kalinda Link - The Mango Princess           

Carol Macpherson - Nana the Secret Superhero

Susan Marcus - Lucca's First Fish               

Maureen Marovitch - Ilena Lives Here

Maureen Marovitch - Queen and Fox     

Cutler Marta - Claire the Wiggly Worm  

Sofia Martimianakis - The Case of the Missing Eggs

Sofia Martimianakis - The Little Lonely Wolf        

Margo   McLoughlin - Cakes for All Occasions      

Sheryl Niebergall - In the Rain    

Karen O'Byrne - I Would Like to Be          

Richa Parashar - What's Your Name Story?           

Dianne Pede - A Space-A-Licious Mission              

Teja Rachamalla - When I Was Small       

Caterina Salvatori - Cora & Keiko              

Brian Slattery - Mister Mephisto's Midnight Ride

Susan Smith - Saturdays with Grandma 

Suzanne Socken - Molly's First Snowman

Suzanne Socken - Lola's Labelmaker       

Rosalyn Yake - Help Me Throw Starfish! 

Graeme Corrigan - Tacomeleon: Doctor Jalapeno              

Julie Kavanagh - Just What I Need            

Sara Jane Kehler - The Rocket Ship           

Dale Kerr - The Mysterious Toilet             

Rowena Mascarenhas - Cordelia

Rhonda Verbicky - Patrick, Stop That Nonsense!

Carmen Wittmeier - Jubilee and the Birthday Wizards     

Carmen Wittmeier - Jubilee and the Tooth Fairy Trap      

Dawn Clee - A Friend in Time      

Trevor Copp - Carnival of Animals             

Emily Deibert - Bea Mullins Takes a Shot

Loie Dunn - The Magical Confectioner   

Jackie Friedman Mighdoll - Oy Vey, Lily J.              

Ashliegh Gehl - Mostly Giant      

John Haines - Deotila and the Moon Lizard           

Wes Hubert - The Winter Rangers            

Karen Jones - The Real Dealio     

Geri Lalach - My Name is Rupert Glick    

Mary Pike - Tangly Secrets          

Bryan (B.L.) Smith - The Irritating Misadventures of Bert Mintenko           

James Steeves - Curse of the Noose        

Carol Teed - RX One Dog              

Sarah Van Goethem - Tilly Dewberry and the Very Dark Wood    

Rud Verhagen - Figure Skater Boy            

D.M. Wagner - My Brother, the Dragon 

Jolie Carey - EarWii6

Elizabeth Chestney - Otherworld: The White Raven          

Nicola Dahlin - If We Tell You     

Melissa de Haan - Flying Too Close to the Sun     

Ashliegh Gehl - Blue       

Scott Lear - The Fighting Swan   

Donna   Reid - The Starting Place (Ch. 13)              

Janette Shipston Chan - The False Son    

Bryan (B.L.) Smith - The Last Golden Light             

Susan Thomas - The Mortal Rent              

D.M. Wagner - Dirt Magic            

S. E. Wilson - Assumed Identity 

Karon Young - Storm Bringer      

Karon Young - The Wildwoods   

About the Writing for Children Competition

Reader feedback for each entry is a unique and potentially very beneficial element for writers who enter CANSCAIP’s Writing for Children Competition.  In November, all the writers will receive the evaluation comments of the readers who evaluated their entries.

The readers are published CANSCAIP Members who volunteer for the Competition. CANSCAIP is very grateful to these readers--many of them have volunteered as readers for several years.

The Writers' Union of Canada initiated the Writing for Children Competition in 1996, and in 2014 CANSCAIP took on this initiative. A goal of the Competition is to discover, encourage, and promote not-yet-published writers of children's literature across Canada.

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