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Books by Mike Deas

Book Cover: I Can't do What?

I Can't Do What?

Author: Heather Camlot
Illustrator: Mike Deas
Publisher and Year: Red Deer Press, 2022


"Did you know that you can't keep a goldfish in a round goldfish bowl in Rome? That you can't take a selfie while running with the bulls in Pamplona? That you can't climb a tree in a Toronto city park? This book is a look at some of the more curious rules and laws that have been created around the world over many years. Some of these rules and laws may make us laugh. Some may make us angry or frightened for the people they influence. All of these rules and laws will make us think. How did they come to be? How can they be changed?

With numerous sidebars presenting historical information, quizzes after each of the four sections, and ideas throughout for discussion and response activities, this is an active, well-researched illustrated book that shines a bright light on our world and its human workings.

The book unfolds in four sections, outlining:

People Problems (everyday life; family; animals; food; fashion) Sports Zone (soccer; baseball; hockey; basketball; more sports) Entertainment (books and media; television and film; music and dance; technology) Kid Concerns (school; toys; outdoor fun). This new book from acclaimed author Heather Camlot might just be the start of a young reader's passion for governance and social justice. (less)"

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About Mike Deas

Mike Deas says his love for illustrative storytelling came from his early love of reading and drawing while growing up on Salt Spring Island, BC. Capilano College’s Commercial Animation Program in Vancouver helped Mike fine-tune his drawing skills and imagination.

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