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A Unique Leadership Opportunity

Thursday, January 15, 2015 3:11 PM | Karen Krossing (Administrator)

Are you interested in raising your profile, building your network, strengthening your leadership skills and implementing new ideas within our community? If so, CANSCAIP has an opportunity for you.

The CANSCAIP nominating committee is currently seeking volunteers for the executive, including both Members and Friends. Terms are for two years, beginning at the end of April 2015. 

Interested Members and Friends should contact Past President Karen Krossing at Karen is also available for phone calls, upon request, to discuss options and details.

Don’t have time for a two-year commitment? Please consider becoming a Short-Term Volunteer. Administrative Director Helena Aalto is also looking for people who can volunteer for special projects as well as one-day tasks.

Not in the Greater Toronto Area? CANSCAIP can Skype you in for any meetings. In order to deliver national programming, CANSCAIP’s volunteer pool needs national representation.

Still interested? Here’s a breakdown of CANSCAIP’s volunteer positions:

  • Short-Term Volunteer: Members or Friends who volunteer through the CANSCAIP office for special projects as well as one-day tasks.
Board Members
  • President: A Member who helps to implement CANSCAIP’s strategic plans, guides staff in day-to-day operations and presides over meetings.
  • Vice-President: A Member who assists the President. (Note: The VP is no longer in charge of the annual PYI Conference. The VP is not required to become President.)
  • Treasurer: A Member who helps to manage the CANSCAIP finances.
  • Member-at-Large: A Member who assists the Board in making decisions about plans and policies.
  • Friend-at-Large: A Friend who assists the Board in making decisions about plans and policies.
Non-Board Members
  • Past-President: A Member who mentors the incoming Board members and seeks the executive for the next term.
  • Co-Recording Secretaries: Members and/or Friends who record meeting minutes.
  • Co-Program Chairs: Members and/or Friends who plan the programming for Toronto monthly meetings from September to June.
  • Illustrators’ Representative: A Member and/or Friend who advises the Board on plans to benefit illustrator members.
  • Performers’ Representative: A Member and/or Friend who advises the Board on plans to benefit performer members.
  • Co-membership Chairs: Members and/or Friends who greet membership at Toronto monthly meetings and advise the Board on plans to benefit membership.
  • News Editor: A Member who edits CANSCAIP’s quarterly newsletter.
  • Listserve Manager: A Member who monitors CANSCAIP’s Member-Only listserve.
  • Regional Representatives: Members and/or Friends who advise the Board on regional needs and may organize local events.
  • PYI Team: Members and/or Friends who create our annual Packaging Your Imagination conference under direction from the Administrative Director. PYI positions include:
    • Communications Coordinator: Writes and distributes conference messages.
    • Speaker Coordinator: Coordinates information to/from PYI speakers.
    • Volunteer Coordinator: Recruits and directs volunteers for on-site PYI roles.
  • Communications and Marketing: Members and/or Friends who source, write and disseminate CANSCAIP information and marketing messages. Communications and Marketing positions include: 
    • Website Coordinator: Posts messages and images on the CANSCAIP website.
    • Social Media Coordinator: Writes and posts messages for Twitter, blogs, Facebook.
    • Outreach Coordinator: Sources potential audiences beyond CANSCAIP members.

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