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Charlene Chua grew up in Singapore, where she divided her time between drawing, reading comics and failing her Mandarin classes. Charlene started her working life in 1998; she decided to pursue illustration 2003, eventually moving over to full-time illustration in 2006.

Since then she has worked with clients from Canada, USA, Europe, Singapore and Australia on a wide variety of illustration projects. Her work has appeared in the American Illustration, Spectrum and SILA’s Illustration West. She has also illustrated several picture books. Charlene lives in Ontario with her husband and their two cats.
Julie Black Belt (2008) by Oliver Chin, Immedium Publishing

Julie Black Belt: The Belt of Fire (2013) by Oliver Chin, Immedium Publishing

Fishing with Grandma (2016) by Susan Avingag and Maren Vsetula, Inhabit Media

Leah's Mustache Party (2016) by Nadia Mike, Inhabit Media

Akilak's Adventure* (2016) by Deborah Kigjugalik Webster, Inhabit Media

How Nivi Got Her Names (2017) by Laura Deal, Inhabit Media

Elisapee & Her Baby Seagull (2017) by Nancy Mike, Inhabit Media

The Great Googlini (coming Fall 2018) by Sara Cassidy, Orca Books

The Pencil (coming Spring 2019) by Susan Avingag and Maren Vsetula, Inhabit Media

The Wind Plays Tricks (coming Spring 2019) by Virginia Howard, Albert Whitman

Amy Wu and The Perfect Bao (coming Fall 2019) by Kat Zhang, Aladdin
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