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Catherine Rondina

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CATHERINE RONDINA is a freelance writer, researcher with over 1,700 published articles to her credit. Born in Toronto, Ontario, in 1960, she grew up in a household of avid readers so it seemed only natural for Catherine to take her love of books, reading, and writing with her throughout her life. She has spent over twenty-three years working with the Toronto Public Library in many different facets from children and young adult services to literacy and film. She began her writing career in the late 1980's in the magazine and newspaper trade. Her work has appeared in publications such as The Toronto Star, Canadian Living, Cottage Life and The Toronto Sun. Catherine currently writes monthly columns for Good Times, City Parent and Post City Magazines. Her writing for children, from grades 3 to 12, has been published by Nelson Education Ltd., Pearson Education Canada, Prentice Hall Ginn, Gage Educational Publishing and Owl Communications, including two educational workbooks for Nelson Literacy, Literacy Power A and Literacy Power G. Catherine has also published three children's books for James Lorimer & Company, Lying: Deal With It Straight Up! (2006), Rudeness: Deal With It If You Please (2005 )and Gossip:Deal With It Before Word Gets Around (2004).

At present she is teaching Writing Non-fiction for Children at George Brown College in Toronto,ON. Catherine lives in Richmond Hill, Ontario with her husband and three children.
Available For
School and Library readings, workshops and wrtiting classes.
Specializing in Non-fiction writing for children workshops and classes.
Available for audeinces from Grade 3 to College level students.
Current Columns
1999 – Present Columnist & Feature Writer - Good Times
1998 – 2005 Columnist & Feature Writer - Post City Magazines
1995 – Present Senior Writer - City Parent Magazine

Children's Works
The 10 Worst Things About the Internet, Rubicon/Scholastic, 2008
Gamer Girl, Nelson Literacy, Book C, Grade 7, Nelson Education Limited, 2008.
The Babysitter's Start-Up Guide in Nelson Literacy, Student Book A, Nelson Education Limited, 2007.
Wild Rides in Nelson Literacy, Student Book C, Grade 5, Nelson Education Limited, 2007
Lying: Deal With It Straight Up, James Lorimer & Company, 2006.
Living In Canada in Nelson Literacy, Book B, Nelson Thomson Canada, 2006.
Literacy Power: Book A, Thomson Nelson, 2006.
Rudeness: Deal With It If You Please, James Lorimer & Company, 2005.
Gossip: Deal With It Before Word Gets Around, James Lorimer & Company, 2004.
A Guide To Basketball in Power Magazine – Basketball, Thomson Nelson 2004.
Your Fitness Guide in Power Magazine – Shaping Up, Thomson Nelson, 2004.
Literacy Power: Book G, Gage Learning Corporation, 2003.
The Life and Times of Diane Dupuy in Crossroads 8, Gage Educational Publishing, 2000.
Preserving A Culture: A Conversation With Leah Otak Crossroads 8, Gage Educational Publishing, 2000.
The Internet: The Newest Medium in Crossroads 9, Gage Educational Publishing, 1999.
Life in 2060 in Crossroads 6B, Gage Educational Publishing, 1999.
Problem Solvers in Looking For Answers, (Collections 6), Prentice Hall Ginn, 1998.
Meet Emily of New Moon in Off The Page, (Collections 6), Prentice Hall Ginn, 1998.
Animating Harold in Cornerstones 4B, Gage Educational Publishing, 1998.
Meet Author and Artist William Roy Brownridge in Cornerstones 4A, Gage Educational Publishing, 1998.
Meet Author and Artist C.J. Taylor in Cornerstones 4A, Gage Educational Publishing, 1998.
New Tales From Old: Amazing Animation in Tales-Princesses, Peas, and Enchanted Trees, (Collections 3), Prentice Hall Ginn, 1998.
Getting Along: A How-To Manual in Within My Circle, (Collections 4), Prentice Hall Ginn, 1996.
Eating To Live in In Other Worlds, Nelson Canada, 1994.
A Day In The Life of Cool FM in The View From Here, Nelson Canada, 1994.
Animation in Discovery Volume 6, Nelson Canada, 1993.
The Chameleon: The Lives of David Bowie in Think Change! , Prentice Hall, 1992.
Ladies Day: One Woman's Guide to Pro Baseball, co-authored with Joseph Romain, Warwick Publishing, 1997
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