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Bob Barton

Author, Performer, Teacher


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Professional information

Born: July 12, 1939. Hamilton, Canada

Doreen (wife) Kimberley and Philip (children)

Bob Barton is a renowned storyteller, writer and arts educator. He has published several children's books, has contributed to story anthologies and has written widely about storytelling.
Available For
Performances, workshops and residencies in storytelling, drama and poetry.
This Book Is Not About Drama
Pembroke 2012
David Booth

Poetry Goes to School
Pembroke, 2004
David Booth

Story Works
Pembroke, 2000
David Booth

Telling Stories Your Way
Pembroke, 2000

Trouble on the Voyage
Napoleon Publishing, 2010

The Bear Says North
Groundwood, 2003

The Small Miracle
Tundra, 2003

The Best and Dearest Chick of All
Red Deer, 1994

The Storm Wife
Quarry, 1993

The Reindeer Herder and the Moon
Longman/BBC, 1990
The Royal Conservatory of Music Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002

The Award for Excellence in Continuing Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto in 2007.
Other Memberships
Canadian Children's Book Centre,
The Writers' Union of Canada,
Council of Drama and Dance in Education in Ontario
Friends of the Osborne Collection
Storytelling Toronto,

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