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Susan Ross

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Susan Ross lives in London, Ontario with her husband, Nathan, 2 cats and a dog. She is originally from Toronto. Susan is a former teacher, storyteller and craft enthusiast. Hmmm. With well over 100 presentations under her belt, Susan is still a teacher, storyteller and craft enthusiast, Susan has entertained literally thousands of children with her five self-published picture books. All her books have a related poem and craft at the end of the story. This is her signature.

Susan writes her stories, then reads her manuscripts in schools to get input from children and staff. She finds the feedback she receives invaluable.

Susan considers entertaining children with her school presentations the best part of her job.
Available For
Presentations: JK to grade 4, depending on the book. School and library visits are available.
Children's Fiction

The Great Bellybutton Cover-up (revised edition)
Self, 2011
Megan Stiver - Illustrator

The Rose and the Lily
Self, 2011
Megan Stiver - Illustrator

Say Please to the Honeybees
Self, 2010
Megan Stiver - Illustrator

The Kit Kat Caper
Self, 2009
Megan Stiver - Illustrator

The Great Bellybutton Cover-up
Self, 2008
Megan Stiver - Illustrator

Emma the Mouse Brings Joy to the House
Self, 2012
Nick White - Illustrator

Dogs Don't Go To School!
Giggles Press (self), 2016
Stephanie Amatori - Illustrator

Drat That Cat!
Giggles Press (self), 2017
Stephanie Amatori - Illustrator
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