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Richard Scrimger

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I was born with very little hair and very little feet and hands. They all grew together and I still have them, together with all my organs except tonsils. I have four children. They used to be younger, but then, so did I.

Since 1996 I have published nineteen books for children and adults. My work has won awards in Canada and the US, and been translated into lots of different languages. The best-known of my middle-achool novels are the "Norbert Narratives" (four novels starring Alan Dingwall and the smart-alec alien living inside his nose). Older kids seem to like the developmentally-challenged narrator of Ink Me, a story about an accidental tattoo and a street gang. My latest books are Lucky Jonah -- a funny heartful coming of age story, (think Freaky Friday meets Brokeback Mountain - oh yeah, that's going on) and Downside Up, where grief takes our hero through the looking glass to find his dead dog.

Did I mention that I'm right-handed? Well, I am. I've never had a nickname, though. My former father-in-law used to call me "You," but I don't think that counts.
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My presentation to juniors (K-2) is loud, funny, interactive, and mildly informative. It lasts about a half hour, and involves talking about and reading from one or two of my picture books. The audience helps me.

My presentation to middle schoolers (3-6) is about an hour long. It's even more interactive, and way more informative. I use humour, and concrete examples from the audience, while delivering a thorough introduction to the idea of "the story". I talk about how to use your own experience, when to let fiction take over from fact, how the story as a whole, and individual scenes within it, are structured. I talk about the importance of villains, and secrets, and walk them through one of the three basic plots of western culture. They usually laugh so hard they don't know they're learning. I have been told by several teachers that I am the best presenter they have ever seen. (Maybe they were just being polite.)

Sometimes I adapt the mid-school presentation for seniors (7-8) by adding mature themes and salty language. I also offer a workshop for keen older kids, with examples and exercises from my teaching experience at Humber College. We might work through character development, dialogue, point of view, focussed description ... They must have pencil and paper, and they must want to do it. This option is also open to any adults who may be interested.

Audience size

I'll talk to any number of people at a time. I've done TV feed presentations to 700 kids at a time, and readings at a cancer clinic to four kids in beds and wheelchairs. A standard middle-school presentation would have an audience of 50-100.
“Away In A Garage,” Canadian Living (January, 2004)
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“The Real Father Christmas”
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Young Adult Fiction

Zomboy, HarperCollins, 2014

The Wolf And Me, Orca Books, 2014

"QuestCon" in Reality Imagined: Stories of Identity and Change
McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 2011

Ink Me, Orca Books, 2012

Me & Death
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Tundra Books, 2007

Into The Ravine
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Middle School
Lucky Jonah
HarperCollins, 2016

Downside Up
Tundra Books, 2016

Weerdest Day Ever!
Orca Books, 2016

Viminy Crowe's Comic Book (with Marthe Jocelyn)
Tundra Books, 2014

The Boy From Earth
Tundra Books, 2004

Eugene’s Story
Tundra Books, 2003

Noses Are Red
Tundra Books, 2002

Princess Bun Bun
Tundra Books, 2002

Of Mice And Nutcrackers
Tundra Books, 2001

Bun Bun’s Birthday
Tundra Books, 2001

A Nose For Adventure
Tundra Books, 2000

The Nose From Jupiter
Tundra Books, 1998

The Way To Schenectady
Tundra Books, 1998
Red Cedar Nominee (2015, 2007, 2005, 2004, 2002, 2001)

Canadian Library Association Honour Book (2009, 2007)

Hackmatack Nominee (2004)

Quill & Quire Books of the year (2001)

Globe and Mail Notable Book (2001)

Pacific Northwest Readers' Choice Honor Book (2000)

ALA Notable Book List (2000, 1999)

YALSA Book List(2000, 1999)

Chicago Public Library "Best of the Best" (2007)

Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award Nominee (1999, 2016)

Red Maple Award Nominee (2007, 2015)

Silver Birch Award Nominee (2001, 2000, 1999)

Mr Christie Book Award (1999)
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Humber College Advisory Committee
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