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Teresa Chan

Author, Illustrator, Translator


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Teresa Chan is an independent researcher, writer and illustrator with an education background in ecology and anthropology, originally from Hong Kong. She started art creation with ink drawing for making cartoons and book illustrations.

After a long stay farming with Indigenous People in Taiwan, she explored natural materials (soil, fallen leaf, tree bark) and everyday objects as a medium to portray the interaction between humans and nature.
Through research-based art practice, she examines collective memory and cultural identity with multispecies perspective.

As a nature lover, Teresa is also engaged in early childhood education with Montessori philosophy, and has published picture books on wildlife and emotion management.
Available For
Writing and illustrating children's books; conducting storytelling & handicraft workshops

Trilingual speaker: Cantonese, English, Mandarin
Author & Illustrator:

2023 - Disgusting Hair (ISBN: 978-962-08-8218-0)

2022 - Crying Leaf (ISBN: 978-988-8807-41-3)

2021 - Angry Croissant (ISBN: 978-988-8710-06-5)

2020 - The Colours of Nature

2019 - Grandpa, What’s Your Dream?
Performances and Exhibitions
Solo Exhibition:
- Float With Nature, QEPCCC Corridor Galleries, Oakville, ON (2024)
- When Trees Cry In The City, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong (2022)

Duo Exhibition:
- '¼ DNA - Grandparenting Stories' Illustration Exhibition, H6 CONET, Hong Kong (2019)

- ABSTRACT NATURE: Transcending the Material World, Blitz Art Gallery, Toronto, ON (2023)
- ‘A Tribute to Yasi: Poetic Journeys in Foreign Lands’ Exhibition, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (2018)
2023 Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Awards 2023 (Children’s & Youth Literature), Hong Kong

2022 The Cultural Masseur Self Institute Seed Funding, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong
Other Memberships
Artist Member, The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, ON

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